Tyranny of Dragons

Marv's Log (Sessie 7)

The infiltration of Camp dragonshite

Well gotta hand it to the ranger he got us in pretty damm easily, a bit of dress up, a few nods of course a bit of bending the truth and in we went. The guard at the entrance “Simon” ask and our names so I gave my old alias Dave, as the big blue walking pair of boots might have told em about me. But no worries told him we needed coin and would work for it, we were told to talk to John of if John was out of work to talk to Saivie “the golden daggers” who leads the black talon merc’s in this camp.

“Between you and me, as for bending the truth goes, this whole group is horiBAD these guys have a knack for thinking if the most outlandish lie and then trying to roll with it.. I’d give em a week on the streets of Baldur’s gate, tops.”

So in we walked, and boy are there a lot of dudes in this place. Might have been a good call not to going in swinging, I mean I would have been here all damm day.  A few things did stand out though. It’s like back home, the higher ups don’t wanna mingle with the lowly grunts and that normally means hurt feelings. I mean I know I hated the guy that kept me and the lads in check, and we could use that. While I’m not a big fan of the cultists, they seem to fucking hate each other as well and that’s great

“I’d pay good gold getting em to fight each other. And that might even get us the break we need. “

When we got to human part of the camp it took Thallian a whole 20 seconds to get arrested.

“That has to be a record or something”

So I was about to take a little of the top for the bald meat-sack cultists, but little T didn’t want me to, and I kinda remembered the guy didn’t wanna help me find Zuriel so……..
Maybe a day or so in the brig would do him some good. Teach him why you stick up for your friends.

The rest of us joined Will at his tent after getting a job as hunters with John, not a pleasant man but he pays for meat it seems and that damm moustache GODLY.

We spoke about making a plan, Will opted we’d try our hands at games of chance to get some answers. He would talk to the Blue Boars and Varesh would talk to the Red head of Tiamat cultists while I talked to the Black Talons.

The black Talons where my kind of people, not to big on rules and they respect skills.
I kinda dislocated some poor Dwarfs arm and gave the leader a little love tab in the shoulders using a practice sword, but that got me in with the Black Talons even got me a little mark to show people I’m one of them.

“now that gave me an idea if we get some marks of the different groups and
leave em in different tents, might get some infighting going”

So I started Om my way back, and met up with Will, filled him in on my plan.
He was all for it so we made for the Red’s tent and while he chatted up those
meat-sacks I grabbed a red robe. We got out and headed over to the black’s camp
for our next item, on the way we met Varesh.

“The dude somehow found time to paint his entire body red, donno where
he got the paint but he did it, almost didn’t recognised him”

We filled him in on the plan, and gave him the red cape, he told me he saw and old
friend. ZURIEL! So I left them to get the rest and went to have a “Chat” with Zur.
Zuriel was a mess, hair burned off, mind gone. Rambling about wanting to be
a dragon again. Never knew he was dragon in the first place, he said he was
cursed because he was a dick dragon, and he had to do good to get turned back.

“He said saving me was not good enough, that kinda hurt.
I kinda get why Bahamut cursed him”

I did not like this side of Zuriel but we needed an escort for the prisoners so I returned his shield to him and gave him my hidden blade.
Told him to once the fighting started he would do “the good” he needed in helping those people escape.
In the meantime that dumbass Thallian was screaming my name in full view of the guards.

“How did this guy live this long?”

Took some improvising but we managed to smooth things over,  and just as I was trying to talk some smack about the red’s and blue’s. When a tent exploded.

O.K.…… O.K. I’m calm, I’m calm. It seems like Varesh did not really get
most of the plan, or any of it so we’re going NOW

The whole camp got real messy real fast, we had not gotten to dealing with the
Kobolds so I had to improvise.  A burning horse could do, so that’s what it would have to be. I grabbed some cloth and tied to a poor horses tail aimed the beast at the Kobold tents and gave it a goodbye slap to the ass.



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