Tyranny of Dragons

Will's Log (Sessie 7)

Plans and Improv

That did not go as bad as most of my plans I must say.

After dragging in the new guys, Which went a lot better then I thought since I went out with 2 guys and came back with like 5. But I got pretty good at bullshitting.
Simon seems like a pretty cool guy tho. (Simon is one of the guards at the entrance. Maybe I could not shoot the guy as we leave camp.)

So when we got in we had a nice little stroll through the camp. A little sightseeing. The drunken Elf got taken prisoner cause they didn't believe him. You know… the usual things in life. Tried to make a little bribe but the higher ups here don't like that. (I should note this in case I ever run into these guys again.)

We met up with John. (He is basically the go to guy if you want some quick money. He has an amazing mustache by the way.) Got my coins for the deer. Kaching!

Here we started planning in how to get our their guy and my guy out of there. And alive ofcourse.

At this point we kinda lost track of that kinky girl with the horns. Animosa I think? I'm sure that will work out later.
Now we got the plan which basically sums up to:
1. Boom
2. People hating
3. Profit

So from this point we all spread out to different parts of the camp and check what we could find at the factions. Like I check out the Blue Boars and Varesh went to the Red Hand of Tiamat.
After doing a little card game with the Blue Boars (Nice guys, not very good at cards) I made some money and noticed they had this nice barrel of lamp oil just sitting there. Love it.

Later I came across Marv and walking towards Varesh we came across the Red Hand camp and saw this nice tunic just hanging there. Marv was already wearing some colors from the Black Talons camp and came with the idea of planting evidence. (I knew this guy was the brains)

So making a little diversion by challenging them to chess. (They laughed at me for suggesting this. Remember this.)
But at least Marv was able to nick the Tunic. Few minutes later we found Varesh.
We traded some of the info we found out and then Varesh mentioned something about a Zuriel..Zurial…Zubat? Whatever. But Marv didn't seem to happy, threw the tunic to Varesh and dashed towards the prisoners.

Well, seeing Varesh with the tunic and his fancy red scales (He used some magic on himself to make himself look like a red drake. Another smart guy.) we thought what better way to start this party.

If I was right Quassana should have been at the Black Talons camp waiting for the "signal" to create chaos there anyway.

This is where things get good. Varesh standing in the woods near the Blue Boars camp, fully dressed like a Red Hand, starts yelling to those guys and blasts of a fireblast or something to the oil barrel and BOOM. I've heard of volcanoes exploding with less rage.

I dash towards the Red Hands telling them that Blue Boars were messing with one of their own. They didn't believe me until a giant mushroom cloud of blazing glory behind me goes off. First they said it was me who did it. Like I know I'm good but not that good. Luckily they believed me after and went all ways. Chaos everywhere. Love it when a plan works just like you imagined it.

A little more chaos is always welcome and I saw one of the guys who laughed at me (Yeah I remember you) walk towards a camp away from the Blue Boars. Seemed like they were looking for info on what was happening. So I hide in one of the tents and of course with my amazing luck there is a guy in there.
Good thing I got him to report to Langdedrosa that "The Blue Boars started a faction war". After that I shot a nice arrow in the shoulder of that asswipe that laughed at me while saying something like "BLUE BOARS!" I'm not sure anymore what I said since I enjoyed seeing that arrow fly too much.

Now I hope Marv got his and my guy out of there and we can get out… I should have planned that ahead. I'm sure it will work out.

Oh snap that's a nice looking filled bag here. I should probably take it with me as a… souvenir of sorts.



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